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published in category technology on Jan 16, 2017

Updated 2017-02-17

Recently I have been searching the internet for information about Azure Logic Apps. Here is list of the most interesting resources that I have come across. I intend to update the list as I dive deeper to the world of Logic Apps.

As there doesn’t seem to be too much of information available, feel free to send me suggestions of additional resources to [email protected].

The basics

Official website of Logic Apps product

Pricing information

Official documentation

Workflow definition language

List of avalable connectors

Enterprise Integration Pack

The Logic Apps team

Blog of the team

Youtube-channel of the team

Logic Apps release notes

The community

Stack overflow section of Logic Apps

Integration Monday:

Videos from Integration Monday user group’s webinars.

Blog posts

Various blog posts that I have found interesting.


Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Tools for Visual Studio 2015 2.0

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