NDC Oslo 2016 is coming - Agenda published

published in category technology on Mar 03, 2016

One of the best developer conferences - NDC Oslo - is coming again. This week the agenda for 2016 was published.

NDC Oslo

I have been listening to .Net Rocks Podcasts for few years now and year after year one event pops up in the episodes - NDS Oslo. It seems that all the “big guns” of the .Net world are using this Norwegian event as a place to meet each other and speak to us mere mortals. When you add organization that manages to run the show really smoothly with nine paraller tracks and serve continuous flow of really good food, you have found the recipe for an excellent conference that gathers over 2000 attendees and lots of great speakers. NDC Oslo has been held since 2008.

Last summer I decided that it was time to check myself what NDC was all about. I booked flights, bought conference pass and packed my bags. I also tried to shout out in various online forums to find fellow Finns that were going to attend. With not much of luck. It seems that we have somehow been able to ignore the whole event event though it is by far one of the biggest developer conferences in Scandinavia. During the three day conference I only met one other person from Finland. I’m sure that there were more of us, but the number can’t be very high. Hopefully this year the situation is different!

The three days that I spent in Oslo were very interesting and refreshing in the professional sense. You really can’t easily find youself hammered with new information so intensively as you do in NDC. The problem actually is that the agenda is so huge, that you most likely don’t have time to see all the speaches that you would like to. To ease with that dilemma, you can always go and sit in a special hall where you can follow all nine tracks simultaneously from screens and pick the audio that you like to the provided headphones. I actually ended up following suprisingly many speches this way.

Learning new things is only one part of any conference and NDC is no exception. There were evening events for each night where you could mingle with other devs. I naturally met lots of devs from Norway, but also got to know people all the way from Argentina. Coming from the rather small “Finnish integration pros using MS stack”-circles, it was really nice to meet devs from different countries and different backgrounds.

2016 Agenda

This year’s agenda was published couple of days ago and it is as extensive as always. The opening key note will be given by Troy Hunt, a great speaker and well known security specialist. I have had the fortune to listen him speak a couple of times before and I’m really looking forward to hear what he has to say this time.

The buzzword microservices seems to be in the topic of many speaches and for an integration guy like me that is fine. There seems to be also a whole track for IoT, which is nice too.

I’m definetely going this year too and I encourage all the Finnish developers to join me! You can still get early bird tickets until 11th of March. See you in Oslo!

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