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published in category technology on Jul 14, 2015

For quite some time I have been planning on setting up my own website. Few years back I had a blog that contained about three posts and two photos. Pretty classic story. Since then I have tried numerous different blogging platforms, but newer gotten as far as starting to really write something. I have had this domain reserved for over a year now and setting the site up has seemed like a neverending quest.

In the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to get better in writing. One part of this was to set up a blog so that somebody else could see the results also. I have been going back and forth while thinking about the right language. Obviously Finnish would be easier and maybe could lead to more frequent postings, but on the other hand English has potential to reach much bigger audience. I’m not quite sure which one would be better choice when thinking about improving my writing skills. I have decided to start mainly with English, but reserve the right to write in Finnish every now and then. Or even switch completely to Finnish.

So finally I got around and dedicated couple of days for some Statamic 101 and html+css headache. I certainly am not a webdesigner, but I must say that the result is pretty much what I wanted: Clean and very simple. I now have a proper CMS without depending on a database. In addition the whole thing is connected to Git repository and deployed to Azure.

I hope this will not end up being a project like probably millions other personal websites - a site with no meaningful content. I plan on writing about things that interest me in personal and professional levels: productivity, automation, IoT and technical gadgets. I’d like to get as much feedback as possible, so give me a shout at twitter (@ryhanenjuha).

My name is Juha Ryhänen. I’m interested in everything related to productivity, remote work, automation and cool gadgets. This is my personal website where I write about the things I find interesting. Maybe you do too? [More]

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